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Well, hello guys? I'm back from Sabah Youth Day 3 at Tambunan. Anyway, before I continue my story, how's your holiday? Did you went to any Open House for Raya?

huhhh.. It's been an amazing journey this few days starting from 18th August. I went to SYD3 at Tambunan together with 83 more youth from my Parish, St Martin Telupid. This is actually the biggest event in Sabah for the Catholic Youth which conducted once in every 4 years. Just like the Olympic, Isn't that amazing, urghh? So, definitely all the youth around Sabah didn't want to lose this opportunity. Not only in Sabah, there's also another youth from different country such as Mongolia, Singapore, Peninsular Malaysia and more. As the place isn't enough for everybody, the participant is limited only for 3000 peoples but since there's many more youth want to join, the number increase to 3200 peoples. Well, that's the main problem. We didn't have an enough space for everyone. 

Last preparation before leaving to Tambunan (18/8/2012)

73 youth from St.Martin Telupid, not included MOT & sub-MOT (19/8/2012)


It was the most remarkable moment and unforgettable memory in my life. I miss that moment with all the youth. In Tambunan, we have to stay with our Foster Family and it was the most precious experience for me because I never had a Foster Family before and I can't never imagine how it was like. My Foster Family was so nice to me and to all my other Foster siblings. I love to call them my new Family because they really are just like my true Family for me. 

disambut Meriah oleh Keluarga Angkat (19/8/2012)

While at SYD, our group leader give each one of us a bag pack contain The SYD3 BOOK, Kupon Makan and Tiket Bus. So each time we want to eat, breakfast, lunch or dinner and also for drinking water, we must use the Kupon Makan. If Kupon Makan hilang, terpaksa bayar 2x ganda. Same goes to the Tiket Bus, each time during the night activity we need to gather at Holy Cross Toboh and we need to take the bus to get there. As there's too many participant, we've been divided into 5 small group and carrying the same activity except for the night, we will gather at Holy Cross Toboh. 

Bag pack, kiut kan :)

Tiket Bus, St.Theresa ke Holy Cross Toboh and vice versa.

name tag SYD, saya punya :)

On 19/8/12 registration at St. Theresa then the next morning, on the 2nd day at 20/8/12 Morning Prayer at Holy Cross Toboh then Opening Mass. At 2 pm, first program which is Friendship Day. It was so fun and we get to know each other. 

before opening Mass. So crowded. 

opening Mass. 

on 21/8/12, our first speech from Sister Susan, entitle ''Why I am proud to be a Catholic?'' It was so meaningful for me to be a Catholic and I'm so proud to be a Catholic. Her most remarkable words are ''go and find your true identity through in Jesus Christ''. Then, we have a testimony from the Chosen Youth and one of them is from our Parish, Nellysia Nandau. then at 11am, Morning Mass at St.Theresa. At 2 pm, we have this activity call Animation entitle ''The Journey to Emaus''. It was a touching activity and I really loves it. We've been ask to write down all our hopes in this piece of paper with this Love Shape. then at 7.30 pm at Holy Cross, we have Youth Night. They have this Sketch about How Jesus die for us to redeem our sins. It's make me cry. A round applause to all the player for play their role so well.  

 Testimony from my friends, Nellysia.

 my group for the Animation, the lucky number 8 (blue team)

my friend did for me, nice urghh? :)

2nd day with my Best-friend, all Yellow. Our official T-shirt


My Fav picture. I really loves their expression ;)

BFF :)


22/8/12, The program start at 7.30 am also with the next entitle ''Aku, Dia & Kamu''. It tells us about the relationship between other and with our creator, God. then at 11am, Morning Mass at St.Theresa. At 2 pm, the second activity for Animation entitle ''God greatest gift''. We've been divided into group of ten consist of people from different Parish. Then, we have to share what is the greatest thing that ever happen in our life. At 4pm, once again we went to Holy Cross Toboh for the Family Night. They have this Sketch about a family having their own crisis and trouble and how they manage to over come it. Suddenly, I remember my own family at home. I realize that, there is no such thing as a ''Perfect Family''. Everyone have their own story. So never judge peoples for you don't know what they have experience in their life. 

group sharing.

morning Mass at St.Theresa. The church is so wonderful with the painting. 

with Aspirant, and the one wearing red T-shirt is from Telupid, Arthur John. 

23/8/12, we have the morning mass at 7 am at St.Theresa and we are the Choir for the Mass. Then at 10 am, we have the last speech entitle ''Go, firm in faith''. The speech tells us about what condition that can lead us (the youth) to lose their Faith toward Jesus. Then at 1 pm, we have this Pilgrim Walk, from St.Theresa to Holy Cross Toboh which we have to walk at the distance of 6.5 KM. Just for a second I couldn't believe I have to do it. I don't have this faith that I can do it but thanks to God for his holy spirit, I manage to finish the parade. I just couldn't believe it. It was so tiring. Along the journey, we have to walk in pair and we have to share to each other about the 7 Sacrament in Catholic. At 7.30 pm, we have this Youth Vigil which is a Taize Prayer. Unfortunately, it was raining so I couldn't really concentrate on it. 


Pilgrim Walk.

after the Pilgrim Walk. ereii buruk sudah tuh muka.

Youth Vigil.

The Youth Cross.

24/8/12, It was the last day of SYD 3 :') at 8.30 am we went to Holy Cross Toboh for the closing ceremony but before that we have this evaluation about the SYD3. Each Contingent have been given this 'Skrol' and we need to write down our commitment on it and then write down our signature. Then, each one of us have been given this Sunflower Seed and we must planted it, ''Sunlight poured from his face'' ~ Matthew 17:2. Then at 11 am, we have this Closing Mass and & Closing Ceremony. Once again we became the choir. They announced the next  location for SYD4 2016 which is goes to Diocese Sandakan in Tawau. 

Closing Mass and Closing Ceremony.

our 'Skrol'.

'Apa yang bermula pasti berakhir', the part that I really hate the most is saying Goodbye. Well, see you again at SYD4 2016 at Tawau. 

with my beloved 'New Family'.


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