Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's okay, perhaps it's not for me.

Posted by Mizy Mizearly at Wednesday, May 02, 2012
April 2012, tinggal kenangan.

30 April 2012, keluar keputusan senarai panggilan temuduga for yang maktab (IPG) tuh. Unfortunately, I'm not qualify. A little upset actually, b'coz I'm really hoping that I'll get it. It's like my whole dreams tumbling down, crush and broken into pieces, for some reason. Maybe I'm expecting too much and to be honest I'm not okay. I don't get it. WHY? It's really pissed me off when someone who  actually don't really care about it, but then get the interview, I mean the opportunity that most people hoping to get it and he/she (the lucky one) didn't appreciate it. Hey dude, SCREW you !

Never-mind. Maybe it's wasn't the right for me. Maybe i need some luck, a 4 clover leaves perhaps. hahah. I don't know. So now, tunggu yang UPU lagi. Harap ada lah sangkut mana-mana. Sementara or maybe permanently, masuk form6 lah neh. But I don't really interest with form6 bah, too bad I don't have any choice. Daripada buang masa, bagus masuk dulu. And, bad news class Science lagi. Shit betul. I'm really sad actually because my close friend (classmate) masuk Matrix.  Tiada sudah kawan neh. ehmm. Entah lah macam mana lah kesudahan saya neh nanti. 


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