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Titanic 100th anniversary

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TODAY IN TITANIC HISTORY: April 15th, 2012 | 00:45 - 01:20
April 15th, 1912 @ 00:45 - 01:20 (Titanic’s Time): Lifeboats continue to be boarded and launched, including lifeboat No. 6 on the port side which held Margret “Molly” Brown. Still even, the lifeboats are not being loaded to their full capacity. With many crew members who are not experienced, the panic and confusion only intensifies.
Below decks in the boiler and engine rooms, crew and engineers have been working relentlessly since the collision to avoid any explosions from the ice cold water contacting the boilers. Pumps are buying Titanic only small amounts of time as the sea rushes in over 10 times faster into the ship than the pumps can manoeuvre out. As well, the men carry on to keep Titanic lit up for as long as possible, along with making sure radio distress calls could still be sent.
E, F, and G decks are beginning to take on more water as seen by third class passengers. Many passengers have been on their own to find ways off the ship, and the chaos truly deepens as the sea comes closer up to Titanic’s name printed on the ship.
Titanic operators Harold Bride and Jack Phillips continue to send out distress calls, Bride informing Phillips to try out the new “SOS” call, stating “it may be your last chance to send it”. Distress rockets are being launched by this time in hopes any nearby passing ship will take notice. Not too far away is the ship Californian, which some crew had seen Titanic’s odd behaviour, but their captain did not act on the crew’s reports.

Titanic 100th anniversary ◊ April 10 - April 15, 1912.


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