Thursday, September 19, 2013

Best Memories in Manukan Island

Posted by Mizy Mizearly at Thursday, September 19, 2013
So I decided to share this memories with everyone for they said 'sharing is caring', hhw. Last Saturday on 7th september 2013, My sister and her boyfriend together with my nephew went for a small trip to Manukan Island. Yeah, although we didn't really prepare for the visit to this island but it was quite fun. 

For most people says that the best memory is the one you don't plan, and it just happen. I've never been to an Island before except for Pulau Pinang but the scenery was really different while I'm in Manukan island.  

We took a high speed boat from Jesselton Port and honestly it was my first time riding a high speed boat. The journey to Manukan Island is about 20 mins. Thank goodness I didn't vomit because I heard a lot of people said that you will have a seasick if you don't get used to ride a boat. 

After arriving at Manukan Island, we go for a ride with this Banana Boat. I was so scared at first because I don't guarantee if it was safe enough and plus I don't know how to swim :P But lucky, I managed to over-come my fear and go for it. Just take the challenge. After all, it worth the pain because it was really fun and an experience for a life time. Then the last activity for the trip is snorkelling! yeah, it was fun although I hate the sea water cause it too salty. yackk!

The day was fun even we only been there for only few hours. We didn't really plan for the trip to this Island and the idea just came out of nowhere. But, next time we will come back and maybe sleep over and having some barbecue party at night then go for the Banana Boat again..


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