Monday, June 18, 2012

The Vampire Diaries: The Ends of Season 3

Posted by Mizy Mizearly at Monday, June 18, 2012
As I really enjoying and love watching The Vampire Diaries, finally season3 has come to the end. The story getting more fun and interesting time by time. In Season3, there are so many drama, emotion and conflict on the story. 

We can see how Stefan fighting for his feeling towards Elena. No matter how he try to pull his self away, he can't deny that he always loves and care for Elena. At the same time, Elena begin to confuse with her own feelings, her feelings for Damon. I can see that her feelings for Damon begin to develop and it's even complicated. 

Damon as usual, he always portrait to be the bad guy even he's not always the bad guy. His feelings for Elena real and he willing to do anything just to make sure Elena is safe. In the end of season3, Elena have to make her final choice, her final decision. 

  Don’t be hypocrite Elena, and choose who you want at once…because the two Salvatores are not going to wait for you forever. They also have the right to be happy, you do not you think?” Caroline to Elena

Yes, to choose between Damon and Stefan. For what? just watch the story okay. The one she choose, non other than the person he love the most, Stefan. She told Damon that if maybe they had met first, they might be together. What makes me really surprise, Damon actually the first one to met Elena before but he erased her memory that time so she can't remember to met with Damon before. That was Damon's biggest mistake. 

That was the one thing Elena Gilbert knew would go by faster then anyone realized. But, what she didn’t prepare for was dying in a car crash similar to her parents. Waking up in the hospital, she now has a very important decision to make. With time seeming to start to slow down for the residents in Mystic Falls, what will happen now with their lives as the human population is slowly beginning to dwindle down? With eternity now starting for most of our characters, will they leave Mystic Falls behind and never look back? Or will they continue their lives at home with their families and maybe even try and have a normal one of their own? Only time will tell.


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