Friday, March 9, 2012

I'm The Biggest Fan Of The Vampire Diaries

Posted by Mizy Mizearly at Friday, March 09, 2012

Maybe there's many of you didn't know about this TV series, right ? Yeah, beside Glee, Merlin, Teen-wolf, and many other TV series, The Vampire Diaries had been my number one favorite TV Series. I've heard about it before but I'd never watch it. But then when I started watch the season 1 last year, I begin to attract to it and I can't wait for the new season. I'm kinda addicted to it. I have all The Vampire Diaries's season on my laptop. Nowadays, The Vampire Diaries is in season 3, episode 15. Now, i'm waiting for the next episode. I can't wait actually. I heard that this TV series will end on season 4 :(

yes, I love the actor and actress of this TV series. They look awesome and gorgeous. My favorite is Ian Somerhalder play a role as Damon Salvatore, Nina Dobrev play a role as Elena Gilbert and Paul Wesley play a role as Stefan Salvatore.

Damon and Stefan is famous known as the Salvatore Brother and trust me, they both look hot and handsome! But I love, Damon more. :D Elena Gilbert is actually a resemble from Katherine (Katarina) Pierce. From the past, Damon and Stefan fall in love with this same girl, Katherine Pierce which is a Vampire. They didn't even know who is Katherine. Katherine turn to play with the two Salvatore Brothers. Then, after a several killers in their home town, the town counsellor decide to kill (burn) all the vampire in the town. They know about the existence of this creature (vampire). Katherine, she already know everything, she had this plan. She turn Damon into Vampire because he ask for it while Stefan, he had drink Katherine's blood without him knowing. Katherine was killed with all the 19 other vampire in the tomb at the church. Actually, they didn't die. So, for the future life, Stefan came back to his home town, Mystic Fall, to get to know Elena. Yes, Elena and Katherine might have the same face but they completely a difference person. 

So, to know more about it, you better watch it ! Go download the episode here, Download The Vampire Diaries. You can select the season you want to download. 

Elena Gilbert
Damon Salvatore
Stefan Salvatore
The Salvatore Brothers


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