Saturday, November 19, 2011

One Day

Posted by Mizy Mizearly at Saturday, November 19, 2011

I just want to spend a day with you. 
No worries, just fun. Starting early in the day, ending when the moon is at it’s peak. No plans, just what we want to do. If it’s walking around a park, or biking on the pier, as long as we are having fun. We can go to a restaurant to eat, or possibly have a surprise picnic. We could talk about anything. If we’re just catching up, joking around with each other, venting, or just enjoying the silence of the moment. Toward the end of the day, we can find somewhere to sit and enjoy the sunset as the stars pop into the sky, one by one, watching the moonrise. One day.  


“i want a guy who can hold my hand in public” 
I wanted to have a guy who can hold my hand in public, The way he shows his friends, my friends and any other people, that I am the girl he wants, the only girl he’s ever dream of. I wanted a guy who can be proud that I’m his girl. How he show his care and love for me in front of other people, that we are something unbreakable. That I am his, And he is mine.


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