Monday, June 20, 2011

What If?

Posted by Mizy Mizearly at Monday, June 20, 2011

 ''What if  ?"
Do you ever asked yourself about it ? 
Today, I learn about this word.....
 ''WHAT IF ?''

what if : You love someone but you didn't tell she/he about 
your feelings & in the end you just too late for it .

what if : When you wake up tomorrow, the person you love the 
most, is already gone .

what if : You forgot to tell something important to someone, then 
it turn out to be you biggest regret ever . 

what if : What if you hurts someone's feeling but you didn't mean it but
when you know it, it's just too late . 

what if : He loves you today but tomorrow he doesn't care, tonight 
you're special & next week you're nothing .

what if : When you do something right, no one remember but when you
do something wrong no one forget .

what if : You know that something impossible won't happen, but you
still wait for it .

what if : When you open your eyes, you won't see him/her again .

what if : Someday, he will changed ??


what if : I can't forget you ...

I admit that, there's too many '' what if '' in  my life . But still above all we just have to accept the fact that life always changing. love what god had gave to you because he gave them to you for a reason. just remember, sometime we don't need the "what if '' because we all die anyway .


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